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Federal Hill Main Street, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation qualified under IRS Code 501(c)(3).  Brought to Baltimore City in October of 2000, and funded by both public and private funds, Main Street was formed to revitalize the urban business district of Historic Federal Hill in ways that meet the needs of the community and bring tourists into the area to support the small businesses, while at the same time, preserving the neighborhood's unique and historic character.  

The program is managed by a Board of Directors primarily made up of neighborhood business and residential leaders, and is administered by Executive Director, Jane Seebold.  Projects are implemented through committees, which are made up of community volunteers.  Modeled after the National Main Street program, (created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1977), one of the most successful redevelopment programs in the country, Federal Hill Main Street has been remarkably successful as well.


A Sampling of What Federal Hill Main Street's Been Doing:

  • Since the Main Street program began in October of 2000, over 85 new businesses have opened and stayed open in Federal Hill, and 14 businesses have expanded.
  • With the help of Main Street matching façade grant and architectural assistant programs, over 40 local businesses have improved their building facades, giving the neighborhood a quick facelift.
  • Through a Baltimore Main Streets initiative, Main Street lit the sidewalks of Federal Hill with the installation of 41 new Victorian-style pedestrian streetlights.
  • Through its grant-writing efforts, Main Street transformed an eyesore into a beautiful little park area on the corner of Light and Cross Streets

  • Main Street helped the Federal Hill Garden Club complete a project they began years ago with the construction of the new Federal Hill gateway sign on the corner of Light Street and Key Highway.
  • Neighborhood recognition was gained by Main Street's successful nomination of the new Federal Hill South National Register Historic District, which encourages historic preservation.
  • Main Street conducted a massive South Baltimore market study and developed comprehensive yet practical business recruitment and marketing support tools.
  • This year Main Street rolled out its comprehensive strategy plan to Keep Federal Hill Clean and Green.  Focusing on education, enforcement, maintenance and beautification, the campaign is in full swing addressing trash and litter problems in the neighborhood and changing people's attitudes about their part in the problem and the solution.
  • Main Street helped the neighborhood grow greener this year planting 11 new trees on E. Cross Street on the south side of the Market, and 13 new large flower pots on the sidewalks throughout the district.
  • Bringing key players to the table with city and state government agencies, elected officials, businesses owners and community leaders.Main Street helps resolve specific urban issues of trash, vandalism and aggressive panhandling, and helps address the larger issues of changing demographic and business trends in Federal Hill's restaurants and taverns.
  • Main Street holds three street festivals each year, which bring thousands of visitors into the neighborhood, many of whom come back to shop or dine or even start a business.









The Main Street program is a comprehensive, common-sense process that deals with problems and takes advantage of opportunities to stimulate the economic vitality of this charming and historic urban business district and maintain that positive momentum.  


Future plans with your support:

  • Work with the City to improve the intersection of Key Highway & Light Street, creating pedestrian-friendly access from the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill.
  • Redevelop the old derelict Public Comfort Station on Cross Street into a new Historic Federal Hill Visitors Center and Main Street office.
  • Continue the effort to attract more businesses that meet the needs of the community, including targeted business recruitment through updated market studies and strategies.
  • Continue to Keep Federal Hill Clean and Green with new corner trash cans, improved trash and sidewalk clean-up solutions and vagrancy initiatives, including partnerships with city agencies, local schools and area nonprofits.
  • Continue our Belli Fiori beautification efforts, planting and maintaining large flower pots, planting more trees along the sidewalks, and assisting the business association in maintaining the hanging flower baskets.
  • Continue to promote the retail shopping experience with events like Moonlight Madness and Moms on Main Street.
  • Continue to promote and support young families in Federal Hill with extended kid-friendly festival attractions in Little Ones Lane, and other family initiatives.
  • Get out in front of the market's changing demographic and business trends and assist in the targeted development of Federal Hill's restaurant and tavern businesses.
  • Develop ongoing positive public relations for Federal Hill through press opportunities and relationships with area visitor organizations, etc.








... and other exciting neighborhood initiatives.  

Revitalization is contagious, and each success, small or large, leads to the next in improving and revitalizing the neighborhood. Hundreds of business and neighborhood volunteers have invested thousands of hours to make this program work.  This is a community that believes in itself.  Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this neighborhood's unique renaissance.         



federal hill main street, inc.
42 e.cross street, baltimore, maryland 21230
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Federal Hill Main Street is a Baltimore Main Streets initiative.


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